Minnesota Agriculture Insurance

In-synch with your Growing Agribusiness

We all depend on American agriculture’s survival and growth, yet few of us understand the unique challenges facing today’s farmers. Their love of the land must be matched by their knowledge of advanced techniques and equipment. Their growing investments of capital must be protected. A commitment to provide comprehensive agriculture insurance to American farmers is the foundation of Insurance Brokers of MN.

What’s covered in Minnesota Farm Insurance?

Farming has always been a risky business. Many uncontrollable factors come into play – weather, vermin, or other natural catastrophes – that can destroy a crop and put the farmer in a bad financial situation. A variety of farm insurance options are available to farmers so they can receive compensation in the event of a poor season or catastrophic natural event:

  • Livestock Insurance – The raising of livestock can be just as risky as growing crops. You face the same kinds of challenges – fluctuating market prices, reduced yields (as in dairy farming), and the sickness or death of your animals. Livestock insurance can provide you with invaluable coverage in case of these kinds of challenges.
  • Property and Casualty (P&C) Insurance – P&C insurance covers farm/agribusiness buildings and their contents — money and securities, accounts-receivable records, inventory, furniture, machinery and supplies when damage, theft, or loss occurs.  If you hire employees to work for you, you need Workers Compensation insurance in case they are injured on the job.